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News Cru Fights Fake News

What is Fake News?

Fake News is a type of Yello Journalism engaged in the diliberate distribution of misinformation. This type of propaganda has been around for years but there has been a new wave thanks to the internet and social sharing sites. Companies and groups have started targeting niches of people using the internet to spread their sensational misinformation which is quick to spread amongst friends and followers.

Since late 2016, Fake News has become more and more of a problem for people looking to get updates from the internet. News Cru has been built to help the normal internet user find the trustworthy news they're looking for all in one place.

How is Fake News Distributed?

Fake News is often times distributed by blogs claiming to be news sites. Most of these information sources are well designed and seemingly trustworth for most information seekers. Unfortunately, they are using their venues to push misinformation and support other corporate and individual agendas. Fake News can be seen distributed on sources such as: FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, and Reddit. You may also find fake news sent to you in an email.

How To Spot Fake News

Check your sources. Through recent fact checks from (not the actual URL for ABC News), WTOE 5 News (whose “about” page says it’s “a fantasy news website”), and the Boston Tribune (whose “contact us” page lists only a gmail address). We have been able to debunk numerous fake news addresses from the Obama to the Trump administration.
Read beyond the hook.If you were drawn to an article from a provocative headline or "hook", read a little further into the article before you decide to pass on the information in a FaceBook post. You can also look at the posting site's information to determine credibility.
Reference the author.If you are reading an article written by someone named "Nathan" dig a little more into the detail to determine whether or not they are real reporters.
Check the date.If the date of a post is too far from any current events it's pertaining to, there's a larger chance it's sensationalism.
Check the supporting sources.Make sure you click those links your article is using as a reference. If the information supports the story, good, if not, then there is an increased chance your article is Fake News.

Why Trust News Cru?

Why should you trust News Cru? Simple! We don't report our own news, we curate it! Our website's technology leverages News API and a team of specialized fact checkers to curate and deliver the honest news to our readers. News Cru leverages technology to vet and curate articles from numerous real news sources to make your life easier and Fight Fake News.

So Now What?

Use News Cru to find factual news from your favorite sources on desktop and mobile. Stay up to date with business, technology, sports, science, gaming, and general news.